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IQI Global

Founded in Dubai by a diverse group of investors, business experts and people passionate to succeed, the firm recognised the stability and investment potential in the ASEAN, choosing Malaysia as its base for South East Asian operations. Taking the best of corporate culture, professionalism, best practices and technological solutions, IQI has become the trend setter for real estate brokers in Malaysia.

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CS Group

CS Group is one of the leading real estate negotiator teams in IQI. CS Group comprise of passionate and dedicated agents with a common goal of wanting to achieve more in their lives. CS Group has been rapidly growing since 2013, and consists of 300 registered real estate negotiators today.

Rather than just creating wealth, CS Group puts more emphasis on improving their overall quality of life. CS Group believes: you can walk faster alone, but you can walk further as a team! Their motto is: “We want to go beyond the horizon! Never be afraid to dream big & achieve it!”

Group Vice President

Chen Tse Ping, who is leading a large group of agents, finds it a challenge he loves to do. He enjoys helping others become successful and leading them on their way to financial freedom.

Group Vice President Chen Tse Ping

Chen, as a Group Vice President in IQI, not only leads his team, CS Group, but also plays an important role in the IQI team as a whole.


Chen was very new to the property and investment industry when he first started, but worked hard to be where he is today.


Chen loves what he does, and never stops learning and striving to become a better property expert and leader.

Group Leaders

Axly Tham

The ultimate figure representing those born in the 90s. Tham took merely a day to understand the real estate industry and become a full-time property expert. In just 5 months, he qualified for IQI’s overseas travel incentive.

Group Leader Bernard Tan
Bernard Tan

With a background in aerospace engineering, Bernard began to delve into the real estate line. Within a year, he managed to grow a team of over 100 people. Today, he is the leader in the Northern region.

Group Leader Candice Goh
Candice Goh

Candice was once an ordinary office worker. Unwilling to be average, she gave real estate a try and qualified for IQI’s overseas travel incentive in a year. Now, she is a senior leader full with responsibility and motivation.

Group Leader Chris Cheah
Chris Cheah

Once in the banking industry, Chris was reluctant to venture completely into the real estate industry. But today, he leads over a hundred members and is known as the Zhao Zilong of CS Group.

Group Leader Jaybee Chong
Jaybee Chong

Jaybee was one of the earliest to join IQI. Now, he leads one of the largest team, is an active investor in property, and makes earning passive income his life goal.

Group Leader Keegan Soh
Keegan Soh

Keegan once owned his own real estate agency. After merging into IQI, his business grew rapidly. Now he is a free, unrestrained man with success on his back.

Group Leader Ken Cheong
Ken Cheong

Once a car salesman, Ken is a hardworking character with lots of knowledge on strategic investment. He is the true definition of a nobody to somebody.

Group Leader Louis Oh
Louis Oh

Louis was a F&B manager for many years. With the goal to run his own business, he joined IQI. Today, he has a commendable team, a successful career, and a determination to help more people succeed.

Group Leader Xanielle Teng
Xanielle Teng

Formerly an air stewardess, Xanielle’s goals has always been to be independent and strong without compromising family. In less than 8 months, she qualified for IQI’s overseas travel incentive and now leads her own team.