5 Reasons to Invest in Old Klang Road

5 Reasons to Invest in Old Klang Road

What comes to mind when you hear “Old Klang Road”? The massive morning and evening jams? Toll-free? Its abundance of lounges and bars? Its equally abundant delicious street food? Mid Valley? Job opportunities? Did somebody say Coco Steamboat?

Whether you’re a partygoer, a shopaholic, a foodie, or a career-driven guy/gal, there’s something for everyone. We can’t deny the traffic crawls at certain hours, but it’s forgivable once you think about all the conveniences it offers in a single stretch.

Jalan Klang Lama, or widely known as Old Klang Road, has held a significant importance since it was constructed in 1908. Today, OKR is a critical link for commuters, offering easy access to both Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya. If anything, it’s definitely not “old” as its name might suggest!

As a friendly neighbourhood with amenities that ranges from wet markets to shopping retails, eateries to hotels and office complexes, its value has continued to boom, making it the ultimate real estate hotspot. So if you’re looking to invest, you know where to look.

But if all these aren’t enough to convince you, read on to learn the 5 reasons to invest in Old Klang Road.


Reason 1: Central Location

1. Central Location

If your squad is scattered all over the Klang Valley, you’d know that Mid Valley (situated right at the start of OKR) is the ideal meet-up spot due to its strategic location as a middle point. Old Klang Road is undeniably on top of the ladder as far as accessibility is concerned, as a central point to key locations in KL and PJ.

If OKR’s offers of amenities aren’t enough for you, the hubs of Bangsar, KL Sentral and Mid Valley City are just minutes’ drive away, spoiling your future tenants with endless entertainment, retail and food choices.


Reason 2: Accessibility

2. Accessibility

OKR is directly linked to the Federal Highway (to Shah Alam and Klang), East-West Link (to Cheras and Kajang), Jalan Syed Putra (to KL City Centre), and New Pantai Express (to Sunway, Petaling Jaya and Bangsar). On top of that, it is less than 3km away from the KESAS Highway (to Puchong, Bukit Jalil and Klang), SPRINT Highway (to Damansara and Mont Kiara), and the KL-Seremban Expressway.

Whew, talk about connectivity! You can be sure that the demand will be high both among locals and those coming to the Klang Valley for careers.


Reason 3: Amenities

3. Amenities

When it comes to amenities in OKR, there’s nowhere more balanced between residential and commercial developments. The long stretch of road consists of a number of government schools, an international school, institutions of higher education, a wet market, hotels, government institutions, shopping complexes, and most importantly, scores of eateries.

With all these within easy reach, your property is exactly what a lot of potential tenants are going to be looking for.


Reason 4: Employment Opportunities

4. Employment Opportunities

As is, OKR is full of career opportunities through its various commercial premises and office buildings. And with mixed development projects looming, there’s only more to come! The growing job market at OKR is sure to attract more people, and that means more prospective renters.

Not only that, there are also existing as well as upcoming tertiary education institutions at OKR. Students, both foreign and local, will also need off-campus housing, further increasing the number of potential renters for your property.


Reason 5: Future Development

5. Future Development

A number of mixed developments are in the works at OKR. These will add on to its ever-increasing list of important amenities and improvements to infrastructure and public transportation. The proposed KL Monorail line extension will cut through OKR (KL Sentral – Mid Valley – Old Klang Road – Bandar Sunway) which will potentially increase capital appreciation and rental yield in the area.

There are also talks of improvements and beautification to the Klang River running through OKR. Not only does this promote healthy and green living, it is also sure to be an attractive front in rising the value of OKR.


Convinced to invest in Old Klang Road? Drop us a message and let us help you!