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IQI Global

Founded in Dubai by a diverse group of investors, business experts and people passionate to succeed, the firm recognised the stability and investment potential in the ASEAN, choosing Malaysia as its base for South East Asian operations. Taking the best of corporate culture, professionalism, best practices and technological solutions, IQI has become the trend setter for real estate brokers in Malaysia.

IQI CS Group

CS Group is one of the leading teams to "Connect" and "Support" real estate negotiator in IQI. CS Group comprise of passionate and dedicated agents with a common goal of wanting to achieve more in their lives.

CS Group has been rapidly growing and consists of 3,000+ registered real estate negotiators today. Meantime, they are expanding the business to fourteen cities in six countries.

Against the usual agency operating way, CS Group advocates horizontal integrations operating mode. Five years with IQI, the revenue of CS Group rises consistently and met 1400% this year. In succession, CS Group is snaring talents from different level and mounting their business to every corner of Malaysia.

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Chen TsePing, the Group Vice President of IQI Global, is also an entrepreneur who advocates freedom. At a young age, he decided to look for an industry that would allow him to realise his dreams of financial freedom and to create his own empire. His mission is to improve of the living quality of his RENs. He encourage his negotiators to have work-life balance lifestyle besides gaining attractive income.

Alex Chong
Head of Team

16 years' worth of experience in the property industry. Alex had recognise as "Passionate Leader of the year" by Des Prix Infinitus Media Leadership Excellent Award (LEA). 

Aster Ng
Project Director

Joining IQI has provided Aster with the platform to aggressively grow her sales team and developing them into high achievers.

Axly Tham
Head of Team

The ultimate figure representing those born in the 90s. Recognized as Malaysia TOP 100 Most Influential Young Entrepreneurs on 2019.

Bryan Ng
Head of Team

Very experienced and leading in real estate industry across the borderline like China, Vietname, Hong Kong and Taiwan. 

Bryan Wong
Head of Team

He is a responsible leader with a commendable team, a successful career, and a determination to help more people succeed.

Chris Cheah
Head of Team

Chris was reluctant to venture completely into the real estate industry. But today, he leads over a 500 members.

Ernest Bernard Towle
Head of Property Advisory Division

worked as Assistant General Manager for StarProperty. He has over 20 years of experience in relationship management, property, real estate finance, and marketing.

Jaybee Chong
Team Manager

Jaybee was one of the earliest to join IQI. Now, he leads one of the largest team, is an active investor in property, and makes earning passive income his life goal.

Jason Lii
Head of Team

Have 10 years experience in Real Estate and more than 20 years experience in building team. Throughout the years hard successfully train some top agents in real estate especially in KL City Centre properties.

Ken Lim
Matthew Yap
Head of Team

Been working in property industry for more than 13 years since 2007. He is well rounded from subsales skills to new project sales and handle developer.

Race Phua
Head of Team

Build her 100 pax team within 1 year, recognized as H.O.T. on her second year with IQI. She believes that everyone has a chance to create a miracle.

The Group

We go beyond real estate. We are constantly adapting to, creating and improving industry trends while going beyond real estate by exploring new market dimensions.

Juwai IQI

Juwai is the largest and most authoritative source for global property in Chinese, along with the largest Chinese social media community focused on international property.

MyKey Global

Bridge the gap between property owners and hospitality guest by utilising technologies and the huge network real estate partners from all around the world.

IQI Concept

A modern, dynamic and experienced interior design company providing high-quality turnkey solutions for clients.


Accelerate the adoption of new technology that will positively transform the real estate industry.


Irhamy international has decades of property valuation experience across multiple industries by leveraging on market data and advanced analytics to create innovative solutions.


Provides trainings benchmarked against some of the best in the world, aimed to enrich and empower those on its platform.