1. Price

The price is always the first stuff that most of the realtors will negotiate first. In fact, sellers always hope for the highest price while buyers will prefer to pay the least amount for the particular property. Hence, it is typical that both parties offer their favorable prices at first depending on their respective positioning, and negotiate to a price somewhere in the middle eventually.

2. Closing Costs

A prepaid closing cost would be paid by clients for their mortgage and this closing cost is typically hold by the mortgage company in an escrow account. However, buyers can request sellers to pay a flat dollar amount or small percentage contribution (around 1–3%) towards their closing costs.

3. Closing Date

Sellers will always hope to negotiate for speed to sell as fast as possible as they need to get their large financial return out of the home faster. Besides, closing dates will also affect buyers' monthly cash flow once they own the home as they could skip the next month’s mortgage payment. 

4. Home Warranty

Buyers have the rights to ask for a home warranty and sellers can also offer one. The aim of this protection plan is to cover the home’s appliances and systems such as air-conditioning and water heater, just in case if these things break or require repair.

5. Furniture

Sometimes, personal furniture that fits well with the house can be up for grabs if the seller is willing to depart with it. They have included outdoor furniture, cabinets, chandeliers, mounted televisions or window treatments. Eventually, it will become very much of a trade-off and compromise between what everybody prefers if the buyer wants all the furniture.

6. Appliances

Sellers will sometimes include those built-in or staple appliances such as the refrigerator, washer, microwave, dryer, and stove while selling their property and these appliances can also be used for necessary negotiation purposes.

Besides, buyers should also research the quality of the appliances by referring to the serial numbers in which the first four digits on the serial number shows the appliance was built in which particular month and year. Necessary research on the appliances will definitely help when buyers wish to negotiate for their monetary value.

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